I feel like I am constantly stumbling towards grace so thank you for stumbling onto my page.

My name is Kathy and I’m a researcher around suicide prevention – mostly I’m fascinated by how stories of suicide and trauma and resilience and joy are told in communities and in literature. Sadly, more people will read Twilight than anything I will ever write so I figured the best thing to do was incorporate it into work.

I am entirely blessed to be working in a job that allows me to write but I’m also fascinated about writing outside an academic frame. It’s a knack I’m trying to get back. Hence this blog which allows me to write about things, and in a way, that I can’t for journals. I guess in this way, this blog is one of my Plan Bs as well because more and more, I’m realising that things never go as you think they will but somehow things work out eventually. Potentially, I’m onto my 47th Plan B but that’s not the point.


Please get in touch with me if you feel like sharing a story. The more conversations we have, the better!


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